SK cable-stayed monorail bridge

First cable-stayed bridge for monorail built in Korea

SK Engineering & Construction Co. has completed construction of the first cable-stayed bridge for a new monorail in Korea. The nearly 700-foot-long span has a tower height of 231 feet. SK Engineering & Construction Co. (SK E&C) has completed the development of a railroad cable-stayed bridge mistreatment proprietary technology for the primary time in Choson.

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Civil Engineering Project Titles

Civil Engineering Project Titles My dear Friends… Here some categories are mentioned, under which we can do our projects. Please read slowly and discover your favorite topic. These are raw idea only, make it compatible for you. All the Best. Please Leave Comments. ———————————————– 1. DESILTING OF TANKS 2. MINOR IRRIGATION TANKS 3. TIME AND […]

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Concrete Pretty Works India and Aborad

65 photos of gorgeous concrete residences

Concrete structures designed by Brutalist architects have evolved from looking like parking garages and fortresses to something “palpably and unmistakably beautiful,” writes Amy Schellenbaum. This piece features a collection of more than 60 photos of homes all over the world that are made from concrete and are as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as they […]

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Estimating Life cost of a Construction Project

LIFE CYCLE COST IN CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS Life cycle cost in construction projects is a process of economic decision analysis, which helps taking decisions on investments in new construction. These decisions on investments are analyzed for the payback over the life of the investment. This method is also known as life cycle costing technique in construction […]

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Structural Design Engineer Role in Geo-technical Investigation

Structural Design Engineer play an important role not only in making a structure safe structurally, but also by ensuring that the site where the construction has to be carried out is safe for the given structure. It becomes very much essential for a geotechnical investigation to know the type of structure, surroundings of the proposed […]

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PERT, CPM and Gantt Charts : Every thing you need to know as a civil engineer

PERT, CPM and Gantt Charts PERT – Program Evaluation and Review Technique Developed by Lockheed Corporation in participation with the US Navy Polaris Missile/Submarine Project in 1958 CPM – Critical Path Method developed by DuPont c.1958 WBS – Work Breakdown Structure A complete depiction of the entire task necessary to achieve successful project completion. Project […]

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Iconic Architecture and Design Vishwaksena Vidya Vikas Higher Secondary School

Location : Sriperumbudur – Thiruvallur Highway, Pollivakam, Thiruvallur Client : K. V. Balasubramanium Architect : Ar. M.Murali The site is located in a serene locality off the main road at Pollivakam in Sriperumbudur, taking you away from the noise and hustle bustle of the Thiruvallur to Sriperumbudur highway. A very prominent entrance with its lively […]

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Hyderabad Metro now in World Best Engineering Projects

India’s Most Desirable Metro Rail Project Hyderabad Metro Rail Now included in World’s Best Engineering Projects India Ambitious Rail Project, Hyderabad Metro Rail has been nominated and finally selected as Best Engineering Projects of the world for the year 2013. This project has been included in all 100 selected Construction Project. The Shortlisted Projects of […]

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