Drones in Construction Blue Print

Drones in Construction – Complete Report and Blue Print

Drones, Connectivity, and Job Sites of the Future The construction industry holds some of the most diverse and creative use cases for drones. But launching drones ops at a major construction enterprise involves much more than simply investing in a few aircraft, sensors, and software. If you’re thinking about using drones at your construction site, […]

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concrete construction

Emerging Materials and methods in Emerging Materials and methods in Concrete Construction

ICI is organizing a conference on Innovation in concrete Construction (ICC-2017). The event will be on 29th April and is planned to be held in Green Park Hotel, Chennai. This conference aims at discussing the recent innovations in the construction sector as well aiding in an accumulation of funds for the ICI Technology center. The […]

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SK cable-stayed monorail bridge

First cable-stayed bridge for monorail built in Korea

SK Engineering & Construction Co. has completed construction of the first cable-stayed bridge for a new monorail in Korea. The nearly 700-foot-long span has a tower height of 231 feet. SK Engineering & Construction Co. (SK E&C) has completed the development of a railroad cable-stayed bridge mistreatment proprietary technology for the primary time in Choson.

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Estimating Life cost of a Construction Project

LIFE CYCLE COST IN CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS Life cycle cost in construction projects is a process of economic decision analysis, which helps taking decisions on investments in new construction. These decisions on investments are analyzed for the payback over the life of the investment. This method is also known as life cycle costing technique in construction […]

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Comparing High Strength and Performance Concrete individually

High-Strength versus High Performance Concrete High strength concrete and high-performance concrete are not synonymous because strength and performance of concrete are different properties of concrete. High-strength concrete is defined based on its compressive strength at a given age. During 1970s, any concrete mixtures which showed 40 MPa or more compressive strength at 28 days were designated […]

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repair concrete by materials

How to Repair Concrete and requirement for concreting?

Concrete Repair Materials and its Requirements. Besides being of compatible properties, repair materials for cement, concrete/mortar shall also be easy to apply and require no attention after the repair has been applied. The essential parameters for deciding upon a repair material for concrete are: Low shrinkage properties Requisite setting/hardening properties Workability Good bond strength with […]

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water cement ratio concrete civil engineer

Calculating Concrete Mix Design Strength

Factors that affects the concrete mix design strengths are: Variables in Mix Design A. Water/cement ratio B. Cement content C. Relative proportion of fine & coarse aggregates D. Use of admixtures   factors affecting concrete mix design strength A. Water/cement ratio Water to cement ratio (W/C ratio) is the single most important factor governing the […]

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Change Mix Design according to Coarse Aggregates

Coarse Aggregate Properties affecting Mix Design Strength Maximum size of coarse aggregate: Maximum size of aggregate affects the workability and strength of concrete. It also influences the water demand for getting a certain workability and fine aggregate content required for achieving a cohesive mix. For a given weight, higher the maximum size of aggregate, lower […]

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What is Reactive Power Concrete?

COMPOSITION OF REACTIVE POWDER CONCRETE (RPC) REACTIVE POWDER CONCRETE COMPOSITION & MANUFACTURING:  Reactive powder concrete has been developed to have a strength of 200 to 800 Mpa with required ductility. It is new technique involved in the civil engineering .Reactive powder concrete in made by replacing the conventional sand and aggregate by grounded quartz less than300 micron size, silica […]

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