Drones in Construction Blue Print

Drones in Construction – Complete Report and Blue Print

Drones, Connectivity, and Job Sites of the Future The construction industry holds some of the most diverse and creative use cases for drones. But launching drones ops at a major construction enterprise involves much more than simply investing in a few aircraft, sensors, and software. If you’re thinking about using drones at your construction site, […]

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Calling All Presentations for the ASCE 2017 Convention

Call for Presentations now Open! The ASCE 2016 Convention was a resounding Success. The attendees gave the educational content a 93 percent satisfaction rating. This is your opportunity to be part of this outstanding program. The ASCE 2017 Technical Program Subcommittee is currently accepting proposals for presentations at the Convention, taking place in New Orleans, […]

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Indian Highway Projects increases to 1.40 lakh kilometer

In order to build the required road infrastructure both in the rural and urban areas of the country, the government has decided to increase the length of country’s highways from the current 1.05 lakh-km to 1.40 lakh-km. To achieve the laid down targets, it has also been decided to increase financing from the current level […]

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ACC Coolcrete Ready mix concrete

Coolcrete : Ready-Mix Concrete Temperature –  controlled Concrete. Coolcrete has placement temperatures much below ambient temperatures and and can be designed as low as 12 degree Celsius or as per client requirement. Temperature controlled concrete is necessary to prevent the rise of internal temperature of the concrete beyond specified limits for mass concrete or large […]

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SK cable-stayed monorail bridge

First cable-stayed bridge for monorail built in Korea

SK Engineering & Construction Co. has completed construction of the first cable-stayed bridge for a new monorail in Korea. The nearly 700-foot-long span has a tower height of 231 feet. SK Engineering & Construction Co. (SK E&C) has completed the development of a railroad cable-stayed bridge mistreatment proprietary technology for the primary time in Choson.

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Build house with Chocolate

Chocolate being studied as a building material

I am making my own house by Chocolate : Do You! Two Princeton University researchers are studying the use of a compound chocolate as a building material. The ingredients were sugar, cocoa powder, milk permeate and vegetable oil. They looked at various combinations of fat and smaller particles to discover the strongest material. “Although modest, […]

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condition of pile foundation failure

Pile Foundation Failure and Remedies

Pile foundation is widely used deep foundation for complex geologic conditions with kinds of load conditions, especially for soft soil foundation. Pile foundation has large bearing capacity, well stability and small differential settlement compared to other foundation types. But pile foundations may also get damaged and fail specially during earthquakes. Fig: Pile foundation failure The […]

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Extracting Concreting Cores and Testing for Strength

While Rebound Hammer, CAPO/Pullout, Windsor probe and ultrasonic pulse velocity tests give indirect evidence of concrete quality, a more direct assessment on strength can be made by core sampling and testing. Cores are usually cut by means of a rotary cutting tool with diamond bits. In this manner, a cylindrical specimen is obtained usually with its ends being uneven, parallel and square and […]

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water cement ratio concrete civil engineer

Calculating Concrete Mix Design Strength

Factors that affects the concrete mix design strengths are: Variables in Mix Design A. Water/cement ratio B. Cement content C. Relative proportion of fine & coarse aggregates D. Use of admixtures   factors affecting concrete mix design strength A. Water/cement ratio Water to cement ratio (W/C ratio) is the single most important factor governing the […]

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