cement industry in India

Background of Indian Cement Industry – Complete Overview 

​Indian Cement Industry – Background The Cement Industry in India is over a 100 years old and due to its constant growth and high energy prices, uses the best available technologies in the sector. Most of the large cement plants in India can be characterised as modern with efficient production processes and strict environmental norms. […]

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Make your High Strength Concrete with Silica Fume new

High Performance Concrete so that it withstands test of time with Silica Fume. Its new age,  we are now demanding high strength and durable concrete,  we have metro trains,  high dams,  Bridges with heavy loads and many structures that required to be of high Strength.  So in demand,  we need a material which much satisfy […]

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ACC Coolcrete Ready mix concrete

Coolcrete : Ready-Mix Concrete Temperature –  controlled Concrete. Coolcrete has placement temperatures much below ambient temperatures and and can be designed as low as 12 degree Celsius or as per client requirement. Temperature controlled concrete is necessary to prevent the rise of internal temperature of the concrete beyond specified limits for mass concrete or large […]

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Build house with Chocolate

Chocolate being studied as a building material

I am making my own house by Chocolate : Do You! Two Princeton University researchers are studying the use of a compound chocolate as a building material. The ingredients were sugar, cocoa powder, milk permeate and vegetable oil. They looked at various combinations of fat and smaller particles to discover the strongest material. “Although modest, […]

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Concrete Pretty Works India and Aborad

65 photos of gorgeous concrete residences

Concrete structures designed by Brutalist architects have evolved from looking like parking garages and fortresses to something “palpably and unmistakably beautiful,” writes Amy Schellenbaum. This piece features a collection of more than 60 photos of homes all over the world that are made from concrete and are as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as they […]

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A Complete over view of concrete mix design

Concrete mix design is defined as the appropriate selection and proportioning of constituents to produce a concrete with pre-defined characteristics in the fresh and hardened states. In general, concrete mixes are designed in order to achieve a defined workability, strength and durability . The selection and proportioning of materials depends on: The structural requirements of […]

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Testing High Strength Prestressed Concrete Cubes

High strength prestressed concrete cube tests guidelines are guidelines prescribed in the Indian standard code IS: 1343-1980 with respect to quality of materials used in prestressed concrete. The minimum 28 day compressive strength of concrete cubes of 15 cm size, prescribed in the Indian standard code IS: 1343-1980, is 40 N/mm2 for pre-tensioned concrete and 30 N/mm2 for post-tensioned concrete. The characteristic […]

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