Prelued Ship : Longest Ship Ever on the Earth

prelude_excluisve_constructionLongest Ship of the World : Prelued

Longest Ship in length and more than the height of Empire State Building

For the First time, a Ship has been sailed in the ocean which length is more than the height of the Empire State Building . This Ship is named as Prillud. It has been Sailed in the Sea in the South Korea. The Completely ready Ship weighs almost 6 Lakh ton. The owner of the ship Shell , manufacturer of Petroleum and Energy Chemicals is saying that this ship will be used in the production of Natural gas by the year 2017.

The main double-hulled structure was built by the Technip Samsung Consortium in the Samsung Heavy Industries, Geoje shipyard in South Korea. Construction was “officially” said to have started when the first metal was cut for the substructure in October 2012. The turret mooring system and other equipment such as wells are being constructed in other places around the world. It was launched in December 2013.

Subsea equipment is being built by FMC Technologies, and Emerson is the main supplier of automation systems.  Analysts estimate the cost of the vessel at between $10.8bn and $12.6bn

What’s 1,601ft long and weighs 600,000 tonnes… but floats? World’s largest ‘ship’, which is bigger than the Empire State Building, takes to the water for first time

  • South Korean shipbuilder Samsung Heavy Industries floated partially built tanker-shaped vessel – Prelude – at its southern shipyard in Geoje

  • Liquefied natural gas platform cannot be called a ship as it is unable to move under its own steam and must be towed

  • Vessel’s storage tanks have a capacity equivalent to approximately 175 Olympic swimming pools

  • Commissioned by Dutch energy giant Shell, the facility is due to be delivered by September 2016

  • Prelude will operate in a remote basin around 295 miles northeast of Broome, Australia, for around 25 years

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