• Structural Analysis

    Structural Design Engineer Role in Geo-technical Investigation

    by  • April 19, 2014 • Civil Engineering Projects, Design of Steel Structures, Structural Analysis • 0 Comments


    Structural Design Engineer play an important role not only in making a structure safe structurally, but also by ensuring that the site where the construction has to be carried out is safe for the given structure. It becomes very much essential for a geotechnical investigation to know the type of structure, surroundings of the...

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    Cross Section of tension Members and its behaviour

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    Tension Members in structures

    TENSION MEMBERS-CROSS-SECTION & BEHAVIOUR Tension members are considered to be carrying only axial force. Tension members are subjected to uniform stress because their entire cross-section is used for carrying axial forces. Ties, suspenders of cable stayed and suspension bridges, building suspenders hung from central core, sag rods of roof purlins, members of trusses etc....

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    Advantages and Merits of Pre Engineered Building Systems

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    pre-engineered Building system_civil engineer

    There are many advantages of pre-engineered building systems, but all advantages lead to reduced construction time. Following are advantages of Pre-Engineered Building Systems: Reduced Construction Time: Due to the systems approach, the use of high strength steel, use of tapered built-up sections which are optimized by the computerized design program and the use of...

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    Post-tensioning Systems and Devices

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    This section covers the following topics • Introduction • Stages of Post-tensioning • Advantages of Post-tensioning • Disadvantages of Post-tensioning • Devices • Manufacturing of a Post-tensioned Bridge Girder 1.4.1 Introduction Prestressing systems have developed over the years and various companies have patented their products. Detailed information of the systems is given in the...

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    Structural Analysis II Questions : Aryabhatta University : Muzaffarpur : 2013

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    STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING- II 2013 (A) Subject Code : 101401   1.  Analyse the given beam  using moment distribution method :    2. Analyse the given frame using moment distribution method : 3.  Analyse the given rigid frame using slope deflection method :   4.  Analyse the given portal frame using slope deflection method :...

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