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    Structural Design Engineer Role in Geo-technical Investigation

    by  • April 19, 2014 • Civil Engineering Projects, Design of Steel Structures, Structural Analysis • 0 Comments


    Structural Design Engineer play an important role not only in making a structure safe structurally, but also by ensuring that the site where the construction has to be carried out is safe for the given structure. It becomes very much essential for a geotechnical investigation to know the type of structure, surroundings of the...

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    Tunnel Form Construction Technique – Complete Procedure

    by  • April 3, 2014 • Building Construction, Construction Information, Editorial • 0 Comments

    actual tunnel formwork

    Tunnel Form Construction Technique was invented over 50 years ago. The use of tunnel-form produces high quality monolithic structures. It eliminates the use of any subsequent wet trades (Plastering etc). It is basically an operation to cast walls and slabs in one operation in a daily cycle. This technique is highly systematic, earthquake proven...

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    Introduction to “Design of Steel Structures”

    by  • March 24, 2014 • Design of Steel Structures • 0 Comments

    Limit State Design of Steel Structures

    Introduction Design of a building consists of two parts. viz. Functional design and Structural Design Functional design refers to planning the building to serve its requirement taking into account ventilation, lighting, aesthetic view etc. Structural design consist in purporting various elements  of the building such that loads acting on it are transferred safely to...

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