Drones in Construction Blue Print

Drones in Construction – Complete Report and Blue Print

Drones, Connectivity, and Job Sites of the Future The construction industry holds some of the most diverse and creative use cases for drones. But launching drones ops at a major construction enterprise involves much more than simply investing in a few aircraft, sensors, and software. If you’re thinking about using drones at your construction site, […]

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Be a better engineer by better leveraging your brain

Why the Push-Back on Creativity and Innovation? Professional engineer Stu Walesh wants to release the leader within you. A multidimensional and honored career has enabled him to do just that. Drawing on experience from his work in the public, private, and academic sectors, and from tenures as a project manager, department head, marketer, legal expert, […]

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Civil Engineering Project Titles

Civil Engineering Project Titles My dear Friends… Here some categories are mentioned, under which we can do our projects. Please read slowly and discover your favorite topic. These are raw idea only, make it compatible for you. All the Best. Please Leave Comments. ———————————————– 1. DESILTING OF TANKS 2. MINOR IRRIGATION TANKS 3. TIME AND […]

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Comparing High Strength and Performance Concrete individually

High-Strength versus High Performance Concrete High strength concrete and high-performance concrete are not synonymous because strength and performance of concrete are different properties of concrete. High-strength concrete is defined based on its compressive strength at a given age. During 1970s, any concrete mixtures which showed 40 MPa or more compressive strength at 28 days were designated […]

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How to Design Light Weight Concrete?

Mix design methods applying to normal weight concrete are generally difficult to use with light weight aggregate concrete. The lack of accurate value of absorption, specific gravity, and the free moisture content in the aggregate make it difficult to apply the water/cement ratio accurately for mix proportioning. Light-weight concrete mix design is usually established by […]

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pre-engineered Building system_civil engineer

Advantages and Merits of Pre Engineered Building Systems

There are many advantages of pre-engineered building systems, but all advantages lead to reduced construction time. Following are advantages of Pre-Engineered Building Systems: Reduced Construction Time: Due to the systems approach, the use of high strength steel, use of tapered built-up sections which are optimized by the computerized design program and the use of continuous […]

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Low Cost Housing : Earthen Construction – Benfits and Limitations

EARTHEN CONSTRUCTION – ALTERNATE LOW COST HOUSING Earth is the oldest building material. It use is as widespread as humanity as well. Nearly half the world’s population lives in structures made with some kind of earthen construction technique. To this day, earthen construction remains the most economically viable and popular method of construction. Earth construction […]

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Simple Highway Model for Alignment optimization : Civil Engineering Projects

A new highway addition to an existing road network is typically considered for improving traffic performance in that road network. However, finding the new highway that best improves the existing network is a very complex problem since many factors affect the road construction. Besides changes in traffic flow patterns due to the new highway, various costs […]

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