• Soil stabilizing polymers

    Soil stabilizing polymers reduces road construction cost and saves time

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    Soil stabilizing polymers reduces road construction cost and saves time SoilTech stabilizing polymers are elastomers which do not become brittle when cured. The elastomer is able to flex under load and unlike cement stabilization, will not cra‎ck under excessive loading. SoilTech MK III stabilizing polymer has been purposely designed to penet‎rate through the road’s...

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    PEPSCON 2017 : Housing for all by 2022

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    (Pre-Engineered and Pre-cast Concrete Structures conference 2017) Housing for all by 2022 Conference Details : 21st and 22nd February 2017, at Hotel Taj Vivanta, Dwarika, New Delhi India. PEPSCON 2017 to be held on 21st and 22nd Feb 2017 at Hotel Taj Vivanta, New Delhi Download the Complete Hand Details :PEPSCON 2017 CONFERENCE DETAILS...

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    Analysis of Grain size Distribution of soil. 

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    soil mechanics civil engineer

    Grain size Distribution is an important soil grain property.  It is also known as percentage of various sizes of soil grains present in a given dry soil sample. Grain size analysis of coarse grained soils is carried out by sieve analysis,  where as fine-grained soils are analysed by the hydrometer method or the pipette...

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    52000 crore Rail Infrastructure for Mumbai

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    Rail Infrastructure project for Mumbai. Ensuring hassle-free transport facilities to the milling masses of the metropolitan city, the Centre has recently cleared a mega rail transport project at an investment of Rs. 52,000 crore. The project has been aimed at meeting the demands of the ever-growing commuter traffic due to the rapid urbanization of...

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    Calling All Presentations for the ASCE 2017 Convention

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    Call for Presentations now Open! The ASCE 2016 Convention was a resounding Success. The attendees gave the educational content a 93 percent satisfaction rating. This is your opportunity to be part of this outstanding program. The ASCE 2017 Technical Program Subcommittee is currently accepting proposals for presentations at the Convention, taking place in New...

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    Struds : Software for designing concrete structures

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    Struds is the premium solution for structural engineers that design concrete buildings. Evolutionary software. Revolutionary service 1. Design simple and complex reinforced concrete buildings with speed and ease. 2. Work efficiently with real objects including slabs,  beams,  columns and walls. 3. Save time with features such as automated seismic and wind analysis. 4. Quickly...

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    ACC Coolcrete Ready mix concrete

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    Coolcrete : Ready-Mix Concrete Temperature –  controlled Concrete. Coolcrete has placement temperatures much below ambient temperatures and and can be designed as low as 12 degree Celsius or as per client requirement. Temperature controlled concrete is necessary to prevent the rise of internal temperature of the concrete beyond specified limits for mass concrete or...

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