Advantages and Disadvantages of Steel Structures.

Limit State Design of Steel Structures

Hey, Civil Engineers, take a note of the account that before designing any steel structure, we must have the knowledge of Steel structures and above that the material steel, by which the members have been moulded. so, we must know the reason behind the use of steel as our constituent material and its properties. The Next content on the topic primarily meant to have an Idea of the Subject and for the civil engineering students for the examination point of view.

The advantages of steel over other materials for construction are :-

1. It has high strength per unit mass. Hence even for large structures, the size of steel structures elements is small, saving space in construction and improving aesthetic view.

2. It has assured quality and high durability.

3. Speed of construction is another important advantage of steel structure. Since Standard sections of steel are available which can be prefabricated in the workshop, they may be kept ready by the time the site is ready and the structure erected as soon as the site is ready. Hence there is lot of saving in construction time.

4. Steel Structures can be Strengthened at any  later time, if necessary. Its needs just welding additional Sections.

5. By using bolted connections, steel structures can be easily dismantled transported to other sites quickly.

6. If Joints are taken care, it is the best water and gas resistant structure. Hence can be used for making water tanks also.

7. Materials is reusable.

The Disadvantages of steel structures are :

1. It is susceptible to corrosion.

2. Maintenance cost is high, since it needs painting to prevent corrosion.

3. Steel members are costly.

our next topic will be : Type of Steel according to its constituent…..

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