• Introducing Design of Steel Structures day to day learning Module

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    Design of Steel Structures

    Hello, all future civil engineer, Structural engineer and those who are. We are making now a series for the study of “Design of Steel Structures”. This is an very Important subject for the final year engineering students as well as for those who are doing Masters in the field of Structural Engineering.

    Each day we will produce a series of notes on the “Design of steel structures”, so that each one of us can learn the subject very easily. If you have any type of query over the subject, feel free to ask from our expert. You can also post questions, so that we may solve your query, help your self to make a good civil engineer and structural engineer to help build the nation a more efficient and stronger.

    Preface of the Design of the Steel structures :-

    Design of steel structure is an important subject for all the civil engineering students. For the Design of Steel Structures , we were using the working the working  stress method but in the present scenario the whole world is changing over to limit state method since it is more rational. Hence, the Indian code for the steel design IS:800 has been revised in the year 2007.

    Today is the first day of the Design of Steel Structures, Tomorrow we will come up with Introduction and common steel structures.