Make your High Strength Concrete with Silica Fume new


civil_Manufactured_sand_for_concrete_engineerHigh Performance Concrete so that it withstands test of time with Silica Fume.

Its new age,  we are now demanding high strength and durable concrete,  we have metro trains,  high dams,  Bridges with heavy loads and many structures that required to be of high Strength.  So in demand,  we need a material which much satisfy the Demand of increased properties. Therefore,  Silica Fume come in action.

Silica Fume aids in achieving the following properties in concrete :

  • Increased strength &  density in concrete.
    Prevents bleeding &  Segregation in fresh concrete.
    Low permeability &  water tightness.
    Resistance to chlorides &  sulphates.
    Resistance to chemical attack.
    Better flexural strength at all ages.
    Excellent freeze / thaw resistance.
    Abrasion and Erosion resistance.
    Corrosion protection.
    Dramatically improved durability.

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Rockfit Corporation,

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