143rd Annual Civil Engineering Conference


Civil Engineers – The Foundation of the Nation

The Conference will held at Charlotte, North Carolene

Civil Engineering Aims at improving to civil life of man by harmonizing the natural resources available on earth. Civil Engineering deals with the construction , geotechnique, transportation & traffic water supply & Sanitation, Surveying and mapping and  water resources. The Construction engineer deals with the design and supervision of construction of bridges, buildings, tunnels and dams. Engineers specialized in geo technique are vital and relevant for conquest of areas ranging from Antarctica to the moon. Transportation engineering deals with the planning, design and construction of roads, streets and thoroughfares. Broadly a  civil engineer is expected to do planning , research, design and construction of buildings and roads, traffic and transportation, irrigation/power, water supply and sewage disposal, dams and reservoirs , ports and harbors, airways and navigation, treatment of industrial wastes and abatement of air pollution and disaster mitigation. Besides the basic and engineering sciences , the curriculum of Civil Engineering covers various professional subjects e.g. structures, foundation, construction, works management and cost transportation engineering, irrigation engineering, hydraulics, environmental engineering & earthquake technology etc.