World most Costly Building – International Space Station

International Space Station costly Buliding cost

International Space Station costly Buliding costThis is on of the costliest building ever

International Space Station (ISS)

Mass approximately 450,000 kg (990,000 lb)
Length 72.8 m (239 ft)
Width 108.5 m (356 ft)
Height c. 20 m (c. 66 ft)
nadir–zenith, arrays forward–aft (27 November 2009)[dated info]
Pressurised volume 837 m3 (29,600 cu ft) (21 March 2011)
Atmospheric pressure 101.3 kPa (29.91 inHg, 1 atm)

International Space Station is one the costly building ever constructed on the earth. In the Construction of International Space Station almost 150 Millions American Dollar has been used. Till Now, there is no any construction on the Earth which compete in the Building cost as that of International Space Station.

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