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I want to share my thought about the projects with you. I have read a statistics about engineering student projects.

In India annual expense of the final year engineering students for their projects is around Rs100 crores. But less than 10% of the projects are innovative and useful to the society.

We can conclude that the remaining 90% and more projects are repetitive and not as much as useful. I think that we could have some criteria for selecting our project titles. Before going into that we should aware that civil engineering includes structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, water resources engineering, transportation engineering, etc. So please don’t think ” it is not civil topic, it is structural topic” or something else like that.

1. The project should make you a practical person.
2. The project should reflect your strength.
3. The project must be useful to the society.
4. The project should be innovative. It must not like “Old wines in New bottles”
5. The project should not as much as complicated and too hard to complete within the stipulated duration.
6. The project will be useful to you while you are going to a job or higher studies.
7. The project should make you to integrate the acquired knowledge from your B.E subjects.
8. The project should developed the intensive knowledge in that.

We may lengthen this list. Think more and select some good topics for your projects. All the Best. My previous post is project titles, please visit that to get some idea. Thank you Friends.


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