The Dynamic Tower

The Dynamic Tower, the world’s first building in motion.

The tower consists of a tubular concrete core, layered with smooth triangular floors which can move at varying speeds and so create a vast combination of different shapes. The floors will comprise more than 2,000 prefabricated steel and aluminium pods, which will be manufactured in Italy. The pods will then be lifted into place with between 30 and 42 per floor and will appear to cantilever out from the core.

A 360 degree rotation of each floor will take approximately an hour and a half, and the owners of each floor will be able to set the speed.

The Dynamic Tower is the first skyscraper to be built entirely from prefabricated parts that are custom made in a workshop, resulting in fast construction and substantial cost savings. This approach, known as the Fisher Method, also requires far less workers on construction site while each floor of the building can be completed in only seven days.

The Dynamic Tower is also environmentally friendly, with the ability to generate electricity for itself as well as other buildings nearby making it the first building designed to be self-powered. It achieves this feat with wind turbines fitted between each rotating floor. The 80-story building will have up to 79 wind turbines, making it a true green power plant.

Construction is scheduled to be completed by 2010.

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