What is a Hoffman kiln and how it works?

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hoffman kiln_civilengineer.co.inQues:What is a Hoffman kiln and how it works?

Answer : It is generally circular in shape but may also be rectangular . It has 8 to 24 chamber with a climney at the centre.Each chamber has a doorway. At the top of each chamber are holes with covers and provided to feed fuel.

It is continuous kiln which works in all season. In this when chamber 1 is loaded, the burnt up bricks in chamber 2are unloaded , cooling is in process in chamber 3-6 and the fuel in chamber 7-8 is burning. Hot gases coming from burning section pass through the raw bricks loaded in chamber 9-12 which helps in drying them before burning. It can provided 20000 bricks per day. I has a low fuel cost.

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